Glimpse of him

cheer me up gift

On last weekend, when my partner and i were having lunch with his family, he suddenly gave me a surprise gift. Wow, i was really surprised. Out of nowhere, he gave this body lotion and this card. Wow i love body lotion, and i loveeee card (with a message inside of course).

He said that he knew that it has been a hard days for me recently, that’s why he wanted to give this surprise to cheer me up. Soo sweet of him. I never expected him to give me something because i was in stress, but he did, and i was so happy. Not only because of the gift and the card, but mostly because of his care and willingness. Thank you dear!

cheer me up gift from him

2 thoughts on “cheer me up gift

  1. You have a really sweet bf. Take a good care of him, make sure everybody knows that he’s taken. LOL

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