The beginning

Around September 2008 we first met at a bookstore. 

I accidentally met a friend at a bookstore, then i was introduced to his friends. One of his friend was him, my current boyfriend and soon to be husband.  Later that night, my friend asked me if he could give my phone number to him, and i said ok. And the next day he started to text me and call me. Just like that.

Around October 2008 we first met again

It was about a month after our brief hi at a bookstore, and during that time we had been communicating wih phone call and text message, without really remembered each other face. 

Around November 2008 we had our first date

I dont know if it was actually a date. He picked me up after office hour, and we had a dinner together. It wasnt that nice though, because it was really awkward.

December 2008 – my birthday and another date

On my birthday, he came to my house early in the morning to greet me happy birthday and gave a birthday gift. He gave me gift with a meaning, and he said we should meet up later so he could explain the meaning. So, a couple of days later we met up again, another date i suppose. But again, it didnt go well as expected. i was kinda freaked out because i wasnt sure about my feeling.

January 2009 – his birthday

I didnt call him on his birthday, i only texted him. I even didnt text him in the morning. No surprise and no gift. And because of this and that, we began to lose contact with each other. 

February , March 2009 – no contact

We had lost contact with each other, no phone call, no text message, no email. 

Around April 2009 – starting over

Lost contact for months made us thinking over about our relationship and about our feeling toward each other. And suddenly out of nowhere he began to contact me again, and after that we were starting over. Taking it slowly, and no rush like the last time. 

May, June 2009 – getting to know each other well

I was busy doing my final project, while he was busy doing his leisure time. It’s off season for him and a very busy season for me. Meanwhile, we kept communicating with each other though not on everyday basis. 

14 July 2009 – and it’s official

I had finished my final project and graduated. He asked me to meet up again after about half a year not seeing each other, and i agreed. And on that date, we settled our relationship as a boyfriend and girlfriend 🙂

I’m still amazed to look back and see how everything’s going. Still amazed to see how He make my life the way it is. Thank You.

May God bless our relationship always. 


6 thoughts on “The beginning

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog! 😉 true love is around you and you’re so lucky to have each other. Hip hip hooray!
    Cheers, Miss Sanguine

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