on June 16th, we got a devastating news. Our nephew has passed away. Only 18 years old, but he had to go back to heaven. My sister in law found him already passed away in the morning. No one know exactly why, but the doctor assumed that he had GERD and got choked with gastric acid. I couldnt and i dont want to imagine how my sister in law’s feeling. Such a young boy with a kind heart and a bright future (he got a full scholarship on his university) had to go this soon. Truly we dont understand God’s plan and God’s timing.

Once again God reminds me to do whatever we want to do while we have time. Especially with our loved ones. To set our priorities right. Because once someone’s gone, we couldnt do anything. Not a single thing. Only remorse and guilt left.

Personally i wasnt close with my nephew, he was a quiet boy and i didnt meet him often. But still, i have regrets. I wish i talked to him more and got to know him better.

I didnt know last April was the last time i met him. I even didnt talk to him that time. The last picture with him was on Utin’s bday on January

These days were hard times, especially for my sister in law and her kids, also for Utin because he used to live with his nephew when he was young. Please do pray for us. Because only God’s strength that can help us to continue to live day by day.

And every morning when you wake up alive and well, dont forget to thank God, because it’s truly a gift of life. Do things you want to do with your loved ones, because there might be no next time.

Farewell Matthew, may you rest in peace and in love. We love you, but Jesus must love you more.

Last photo together with matthew on Jan 22

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