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Just another marriage quote

” Men tend to measure their success as men by the happiness of their wives. “

Just another marriage quote that i found on the web. Of course it may not applicable for all men, but it is for my husband (well, at least he said it is hahaha). Whenever i asked him what i can do to help him or to make him happy, he said “just be happy”, because if i am happy, it means less people to be made happy for him hahaha.

Also i never forget my cousin’s speech on my wedding day, she mentioned that “Always remember that a happy wife is a happy home”. And guess what, she’s right! My husband tends to have a more stable mood, and you can guess that i am the one who have a kinda unstable mood haha. So whenever i am happy, things tend to get smooth and nice, and vice versa, whenever i am in a bad mood, i tend to also mess with his mood hahaha. (guilty!)

So, wifey, just remember this quote whenever you are going to nag, complain, or vent to your husband. I know it is not easy, i am also learning, and to be honest still quite far from mastering my own mood. But if you truly love your husband, just remember this and try to hold your tongue. Maybe it can save you both from unnecessary trouble 🙂


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