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One Multicultural Weekend

So this all started when we were watching movie, one of utin’s boss called and told him that we were invited to his boss’ boss’ wife’s birthday party. Confused? Haha.  To make it simple, one of their big boss suddenly decided to make a BBQ party at his house to celebrate his wife’s birthday. And since we didnt have any good reason to say no, we canceled all the plans we had for the rest of the day, made a quick stop at nearest dept store to buy a birthday gift, and went to the party.

It was the first time for me to attend such that party, i mean to accompany the husband to attend that kind of invitation. I was kinda nervous. Why? Not only because I had no idea what to wear, because i wasnt so sure about how to mingle in that kind of situation (it’s the big boss who will be the host!), and also because i know that the guests might be from any other nationalities.

Currently Utin is working for an international company where he could deal with anyone from any part of the world. What i know so far, he has colleagues and bosses from Indonesia, Malaysia, Lebanon, France,China, India, etc. The boss himself, whom hosting the party, is from india. Being an employee from a local company, which the most direct contact with expat is only with my boss, which is a Malaysian (which also understand Bahasa quite well),and no such thing as an expat colleague, well i just had no idea how it would end hahaha. I can speak and understand english well, but i still have some problem with listening, mostly with ones whom pronounciation arent  so clear because their own local accents, so i just hoped that i didnt embarassed my husband with my english hahaha.

Apparently it was a quite small party, only about 15 guests. It turned out to be a kinda nice and enjoyable party, the family host is nice and  the guests mingled well (i hope i did too). Though still we didnt know why utin was invited, since most of the guests are in a higher level than he is, plus he doesnt think his big boss know him personally, since utin doesnt report directly to him and the boss didnt talk to him much during the party . Well anyway, we just take it as a good opportunity, especially for utin to build a good relationship with his other colleagues and boss(es). And i just take this as a new interesting experience for me.

And like i thought, that was really a multicultural bbq party haha. Let’s see, the host familly is indian which lived at US before, and the guest are a couple from mainland China, an American guy who works at Malaysia, which happen to have an ex Indonesian wife, 2 more guys from mainland china, and 3 more indonesian guests beside us. They served beer, whisky, chivas (and any other alcohol that i didnt recognize), juice, and also chinese tea for beverage (what a weird combination), and the wife cooked lemon rice (looks like nasi briani to me – local indian food), to accompany BBQ corn, chicken leg, beef and sausage. And there were 3 languages spoken, indonesian, english, and mandarin.(the indian family didnt talk hindi, otherwise there would be 4 languages). I dont know, but i think it was really funny, the combination of local food, beverage and culture. It was quite an experience for me.


You know, talking with someone new, from different nationality and different way of thinking is just interesting and inspiring. The birthday lady told us the story about how they deal with new environment and new country when they moved to another area. They have been placed at several place such as rusia, china, indonesia, then they will move to rusia again. They have experienced a minus 50 temperature at rusia where their hands can go frozen in seconds if they didnt put on the gloves.  Can you imagine?  Scary. The woman also told us that she used to be a person who was hesitate to talk with someone new, but now she can confidently say that she can make friends anywhere, even with the enemy. She told us that the key is just to be positive in any circumstances, many people will complain if they moved to a remote area (like they were),but  if you have a positive mind,you can handle everything. There would always be a positive side in everything. I really inspired with this women, she really is really nice and has a good strong character.

I am grateful for this new experience, i learned a lot from them. Eventhough i am not looking foward for that kind of party too often (because i still prefer more relaxing with husband or close friends haha) , i will be more willingly to join that kind of gathering again 🙂


And to end this post, i want to tell you how proud i am to see Joe Taslim at The Fast & Furious 6 . I am not his fans, even i didnt know him before i watched this furious6 movie. But wacthing him at a big and famous movie like this, watching that he has quite a portion in the movie, i can tell you that i am proud of him,especially when he talks one indonesian sentence in the movie. He is one of the best example to show us that we are indeed a citizen of the world, and people of the world should recognize indonesia, not because of bad reputation,but acknowledge indonesia because having a potential star, like him 🙂 


17 thoughts on “One Multicultural Weekend

  1. De, try this. Worked for me. To exercise your listening skill, try to watch simple shows such as popular American sitcoms without any translation or closed captions (English texts). If you could laugh with them, (i mean really laugh because of the jokes, not because the audiences’ laughter) that’d be awesome. Then move on to another kind of comedy, the ones without the audiences’ laughter. Then move to more serious shows, and then, to serious movies.

    1. Ah Le…percayalah Dea itu cuma merendah kok tentang listening skill nya. Dia itu dari jaman SMA/kuliah udah biasa nonton serial-serial berbahasa Inggris tanpa teks. Plus sepupu & tante2nya banyak yang tinggal di LN, plus seorang sepupu iparnya (bener gak sih ini? maksud gw istri dari sepupunya) native speaker, jadi pastinya sering berbahasa Inggris. Sekarang mah udah jago bener dia….

      1. Hahahha kaga dinn… Gw suka dodol kalo orang ngomongnya ga Jelas, kaya org china mainland gt kl ngm inggris kan ga gt jelas. Mkanya gw nervous hahahhaha

    2. Aww.. Thank you so much for your input le! 🙂 yeah i can understand movies without text quite well, but not 100%, i cant really catch what they are talking if they talked too fast. But i guess ur method is really helpful to learn any language.

  2. I think my public speaking skill improved a lot when I was in college and believe it or not I was stutter when I was a kid and now I can comfortably talk as an mc in a company dinner. I guess people could improve with habits and hard work. 🙂
    Anyway, I did watch the furious6 and had no idea it was Joe Taslim!! What was the one indonesian setlntence??? I didn’t catch it.

    1. “I guess people could improve with habits and hard work” —> Eh gue setuju banget nih. Gw aselinya samsek bukan orang yang berani ngomong di depan orang banyak, tapi somehow sekarang bisa jadi MC. Gw sendiri bingung sama diri gw. Haha

    2. Yeah i guess u’re right, i just need a lil warm up for my tongue and ear for english haha. Ah you didnt recognize ur own language? Haha. It was when he first showed up, when shaw ran away with his steel weird racing car and suddenly his team came out from nowhere and attacked the police. Taslim said ‘habisi mereka’. Just that sentence actually, utin also didnt recognize it if i didnt tell him. Go watch the movie again then hahaha

  3. Ih seru bangeeeettt….. Orang-orang luar itu biasa walaupun baru ketemu, mereka suka ramaaaahhh banget ya sama orang baru. Even when we’re nervous and lost our english, hehe… (pengalaman pribadi).

  4. Gue suka banget malah multicultural events kayak gitu. Soalnya a chance for me to practice my english, karena sejak balik ke indo lagi kan ngomong bahasa inggrisnya jarang-jarang. Jadi seneng kalo kumpul-kumpul sama temen gue yang suaminya expat.

  5. seru amat de acaranya… tapi dari semua kalimat yg elo buat di post-an ini dalam bahasa enggris bagus + bener kok, boost pedenya lebih lg ajah u’ll be there deh nanti hehehe. Bule sini kadang lebih dodol dr kita loh dlm menulis, even bos gw aja kalo kirim email grammernya salah2 gitu.

    Btw itu joe taslim ngomong apean bo di filmnya, br tau loh gw dr post ini kalo dia org indo? hahaha.

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