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Happy birthday hubby!

Dear Hubby,

This post is truly dedicated to you, as your wish *wink.

I cant describe how grateful i am to have such a loving and caring husband like you. You are truly a kind person with a good heart. You are blessed with so much talent and wisdom, and you should be grateful of.

Living with you makes my life more colorful, not only with bright colors but also with a darker shade. But i believe, it’ll make our lives more worth living, and even through those ups and downs, we dont need to worry, because He will always be with us, just like your name.

Happy birthday dear! Enjoy your day!

Your lovely wife

happ birthday utin!

6 thoughts on “Happy birthday hubby!

  1. Ooooh… gw baru baca posting komen temen lo. Gw pikir Yustinus itu artinya God be with us, hehehehe… Sempet mikir mau googling juga gw, kepo banget.
    Ternyata kalian ulang taunnya deketaaann… Lutunaaaa…. Happy birthday utin!

    1. hahahahahaha iya ya, tulisan gw agak rancu ya emang, jadi ga jelas.
      thanks diannnn…! iyaa.. ultah gw, ultah utin, sama anniversary kita lumayan deket2an nih, tapi jadinya bangkrut beli kado bertubi2 hahaha (ato harusnya kadonya digabungin aja yahh)

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