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Mid-day Daydream

I supposed to be working (on my sidejob), but this thought came up on my mind since couple of days ago and i feel like i need to write it down, so i promise to be quick and short (as shortest as i can 😀 )


Too much blogwalking sometimes is not healthy, you know. Like on this case, suddenly after reading my friend’s blog, i remembered my unfulfilled wish since like teenager:

I (also) want to have a date on a theme park!

Dear hubby, let’s go to USS! Or Disneyland maybe? Ocean Park Hongkong also will do. Please? *batting eyelashes

But please not Dufan. I am starting to doubting the safety, and also the price become ridiculous. Not worthed. (though it’s the most reasonable place T_T )

Think that i need to start hunting for cheap tickets 😀

Oh btw, here is the link that cause all of this galauness. LOL *wink to Mel O

After writing this, i began to wonder, how come do we (girls) have the same dream? maybe it’s the fault of those romantic comedy movies and series. Well well, too much drama could also make your life (more) complicated, because sometimes your expectations get higher, wanting to have that kind of movie life in reality. And more expectations means more chances to be upset when we dont get what we expect. What do you think?

Well, time to go back to work now.

Be happy everyone! Cheers!


14 thoughts on “Mid-day Daydream

  1. huahahaha de… itu juga dapet tiket gratis makanya seno mau gua ajak pegi… kalo disuruh bayar segitu sih gua juga males…

    gua sih kalo buat ngedate lebih prefer Disneyland daripada USS… effect kebanyakan nonton film Disney mungkin… hahahaha… rayu2 utin de buat ke Disneyland hahahaha…

    1. iyaa mel! gila ya gw baru tau tuh dufan sekarang harganya segitu. ogah bener deh bayar normal. huks.

      iyaaaa disneylandd!!n the happiest place on earth! hahahhaa. abis kan uss lebih terjangkau mel daripada disneyland hahahaha.

      iya musti mulai2 rayu2 nih hihihihihi

  2. I used to have the same dream. But after several real-theme-park-dates, they turned out no that magical. Especially when you have a spouse who has no idea what romance is. LOL. So for now, I just want to go to theme parks. Period. *doesn’t matter whom I go with*

    1. yeah i know. maybe if you do have a date at theme park, it wont be that special, even more after several times. but since i havent have a date there ever, i mean, ever, it’s still on my wishlist haha

    1. hihihi iyaaa! disneyland itu magical banget yah, somehow bener tuh, the happiest place on earth hihi. pengen deh liburan yg nginep di resort nya juga, jd total package.. tp harganya pasti mahal huhuhu

  3. To be honest… When you reach the actual amusement park…. GAK ADA ROMANTISNYA hauhahahahah… Yang ada, panas, ngantri, capek, including di Disneyland… Apalagi kalo lunch/ dinner hour.. Wuihhhh Chaos! But, I know it will be wonderful to take a bunch of pics there 😀

    1. makanya ke disneyland nya pas winter donk le… kalo kedinginan kan asik ada yg dipeluk2 hihihihihi. dlu gw ke disneyland pas winter, sensasinya sih wow banget, sama temen aja wow banget, gimana sama pacar / suami ya hihihihi.

  4. hahaha lucu nih! i dont know about disneyland yah, gue juga ngiler banget pengen kesana buat ngeliat fireworks kepala mickey itu. tapi setelah ke uss (yg harganya bikin urut dada baik tiket masuk maupun suvenir didalemnya), dan cuman bisa main dikit krn pangsa pasarnya emang kebanyakan mainan anak-anak (gue cuman abis gak sampe 6 jam disana buat keliling semua-muanya plus foto2), apalagi after ke trans…yang bleh harganya lebih najong dr dufan menurut gue…dufan tuh salah satu taman bermain yang gue masih bisa ngerasa kangen buat balik kesana loh. i even like their themesong! but as a designer, you need to go there, both uss and disneyland. jih sana second honeymoon! 😀

    1. yeah i did, pernah ke disneyland ko, tp blom ke uss. and really it is a magical place. ga tau deh kenapa bs gitu, tp rasanya bener tuh itu the happiest place on earth. wkt itu kesana sm sodara n temen aja seneng banget, gmn sama suami/pacar ya hihihihi. bener itu sangat menginspirasikan loh… gw kagum banget sama sistemnya disney itu, holistik banget hahahahaha

  5. makin gede jantung gw makin gak kooperatif kalo maen yg full adrenaline gitu. Jd kl ke themepark sekarang2 ini jadi rada males hahaha… mending jalan-jalan ke alam bebas kl gw sih ^_^

    1. hahaha iya sih mel, gw jugaa.. uda ga seberani dulu.. makanya dufan uda ga berani hahahahaha. ga berani soalnya takut maintenance nya jelek..

      kl ke alam juga gw suka mel.. pokoknya gw suka jalan2 deh hihihi.

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