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When there is love, there is life

Yeayyy!! My wedding video has arrived! We just loveee it. IThough it;s about 1 month late, but we think it’s worth the wait.Because it brings back the beautiful memories.


The package was delivered today to Utin’s office. We received 3 sets of dvds, each wraps in a beautiful box. I havent checked whether they have different content or not, but i think it’s all has the same content. And as a bonus (?) , we also got a pair of mug with our name on it. Beautiful.

*sorry for the blurry pictures. dunno what happened with my camera. maybe i need some help to set this camera :p

Overall, we are satisfied with Everlasting Videography. They have a great quality (result) and  pretty good service. Recommended!

For those who are planning their wedding, there is a little tips for you. Based on our experience, we do think that the day’s photo and video take a pretty important roles, because after all of those things done, memories are the only thing left. And a good photography and videography can bring back the beautiful moments. So please do consider to choose a good quality vendor that suits your style (dont forget that each photographer and videographer has their own style too) for your big day.

Well, good luck! 😀


6 thoughts on “When there is love, there is life

    1. lama lagi ada di video nya ckckckck. bestman banci tampil hahaha. lo harus liat full version nya gus, apalagi yg behind the scene. banyak scene lo dengan gaya aneh2 hahahahaha

      1. UDAH!
        mak pingin kawin.. haha

        you’re such a beautiful bride! klo emak gw kondangan ke kawinan lo pasti dia ngomong “pengantennya cakep” hihi

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