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Happy 100th dayversary* dear! (maap maksa hihihi)

Although this early 100 days were not always filled with an ultimate happiness, i still am very grateful for what we have and who we are now. It’s only been 100 days, but we already got through several ups and downs that i believe would strengthen us and make our love grows. Couldnt imagine what will face us next and guess that i dont have to, because worry will just make us couldnt enjoy the present, right? 🙂

So, here i am writing about what i love about you and our marriage to celebrate our 100th days. Maybe it’s not much, only little things, but i do believe that those are the little things that truly counts, and everything begins from the little things. Hopefully one day when i looked back, i could remember all these little things that could bring flutters in my heart 🙂

10 little things that i love about you and our marriage :

1. Love it when i realize the fact that we are married and live together now. You know, sometimes i will still look at my ring, half believing that we’re married now. Grateful for what He did and still does for us.

2. Love that i dont have to say good bye to you at night to end our date, because we’ll go home together :). I could spend the whole day with you, and still could spend the whole night with you also. It’s such a warm and nice feeling.

3. Love it when you unconsciously (or consciously?) hug me in your sleep. I feel deeply loved.

4. Love it when you cook for us happily. Sometimes you’re really passionate in cooking.

5. Love it when you hug and kiss me once you arrived at home.

6. Love to tell you stories about my days and pour out my heart. Love that now we could share stories face to face,and also share our emotions.

7. Love it when you hugged and kissed me good morning

8. Love it when you hugged and kissed me good night.

9. Love it when you offered to help me with my chores.

10. Love that now we could save the transportation and phone cost, by living together LOL

I love you, always do, always will ❤

Photo by Viure
Edited by the bride

11 thoughts on “100th

  1. hi hi.. tiba2 nemu blog mu pas nyari info ttg prewed video, dan keterusan baca deh.. nice writings.. 10 lil things, that’s so sweet.. hehehe..

      1. okehh siap!! 😀 kmrn2 juga uda sempet berkunjung, tapi karena di kantor ga bisa komen kalo di blogspot jadinya tak bisa meninggalkan jejak hihi

        elita kenal.. lo temennya elita?

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