I dont know what it’s called, but it’s annoying

… because i found my personal holiday picture taken (without permission) as a commercial illustration.

Well, actually it’s a picture of me and my friends while riding a banana boat at Tidung Island. It was taken by another friend of ours. Dina found this picture on the web and told me. I saw it before but hadnt really pay attention. But after seeing the picture again, wow, it was truly us! Speechless.

See for your self :

Full link here

Well, it wasnt really the first time for me, having my personal photos misused by others. A couple of years ago, i found a copycat who made a fake account  Friendster of me, with all my pictures and personal information there. The most annoying part was he/she gave my personal phone number(that’s why i suspected that the person behind that fake account was one of my friend) to some strangers, and made them contact me. That was so annoying and made me very upset. It’s over now, but until now i really dont understand what’s the motives of that person back then.

Back to the current topic, actually we dont intend to do anything to the company who took our pictures,at least i dont. Just a waste of time and energy. I just cant understand why there are still people who dont understand the general ethics of using someone’s else photo. Dont they know that it’s not right to use any other photo of someone’s else (even without the watermark and copyright on the picture) for their own benefits? Plus, they use it for commercial, dont they know that they should pay for royalty for taking someone’s picture as a commercial illustration? Well i guess maybe that’s the reality that happens on the world wide web. It’s a common thing to happen. Still, i just cant understand.

So, i guess i have to be more careful putting my personal photos on the web. On this case,  i may say that this is a ‘harmless’ case, but who knows what’s inside other people’s mind when they see our pictures?*knock on wood.


8 thoughts on “I dont know what it’s called, but it’s annoying

  1. emang nyebelin banget ama orang2 yang begitu. gak tau etika dan tata krama.
    coba dikomplein aja…
    kalo gak ya udah lah biarin aja.. biar Tuhan yang ngebales ya… mencuri kan dosa….

    1. masa sih? masa sih? masa sih? *minta dipuji lagi wkwkwkwk.
      iya temen gw yg moto itu emang fotografer, makanya kalopun ada yg mau sue, dia yg paling berhak hehe.
      nah dianya aja kan tenang2 aja, ya gw juga diem2 aja deh hihi

  2. disdus.. no wonder.
    kemaren ini juga foto dari blogger malaysia dipake buat produk yg mereka offer.
    nyebelin emang ya. makanya foto2 di fb sebisa mungkin di-private aja.

    1. eh iya? gw pikir itu dari product nya (yg pasang iklan) yg main sembarangan nyolong, kirain gw si disdus cuma penyedia media aja.. ga tau sih..

      iya gw si uda private, tp itu kan rame2 ya, jd mngkn dia bisa liat dr yg lain.. ckckckck..

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