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Valentine and Monthversary

February 14th, 2012

… Third Valentine’s day together

… 31th relationship monthversary (is this still count actually?)

… First wedding monthversary

What a special day, huh? :p

But actually for me, Valentine’s day is nothing really special.

We dont really celebrate Valentine’s day, just like any other day, But because this was also our first monthversary, we have a reason to go out and have a little bit more fancy dinner hehe. So we ended up having a double date with Agus and his girlfriend at Pizza ebira Plaza Indonesia. It was a nice dinner, we had a good time. And also it’s fun to see some people who really celebrate valentine’s day, brought flowers, dressed in a nice clothes, etc. (But actually i wondered why do they have to bring the flowers to the restaurant). It always fascinated me, to see people at Valentine’s day, or any other special event. Dont know why :p

There was something interesting at PI / EX yesterday. I met some group of people who gave free heart shape candy to everyone they met. I was curious who they are. With the candy was attached a small note, written some of wise words and message such as : ‘Let’s spread the love.” or “There is always someone who love you” or “Dont ever give up” something like that. It’s cute. It’s touching, at least for me. Whoever they are, thank you, to spread the good message and spread the love. Hope what you did could gave impacts for many people.

Happy valentine’s day to all of you. Let’s love, be loved and spread the love!

*As i said before, i still cant upload any pictures. Hopefully you dont get bored with my blog already because the lack of pictures. Hopefully i can have internet at my house soon.


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