Pre Wedding · Update!

Status : Married

Haiiiii.. i’m back! With a ring on my right ‘ring finger’, i’m ready to face the new stage of life *grinning widely

Sorry i couldnt review much on this post, because this is my first day at office with a new status hahaha *ga efek benernya. Please just be patient for my story, i have a bunch to write, and cant wait to do so hihihihi.

But i will make a conclusion for my wedding :

Our wedding was not perfect, but with all the flaws, we both feel that it was truly a beautiful, blessed, and meaningful wedding. It’s way much better than we expected, and we couldnt ask for more. We are also grateful for family and friends who were very helpful. We truly feel God’s hand and love in our wedding ceremony and reception. God does make everything beautiful in His time, and we believe that somehow it’s His way to show us that He will do the same for our marriage life. Imperfectly beautiful.


For now, please enjoy our prewedding pictures by RAS de PORTRAIT here :

and also our pre-wedding video by Ancaleksmana here :




14 thoughts on “Status : Married

  1. Whoooaaa… Dea akhirnya!!! Lulus juga ya dikau, hehehe^^ Gw suka banget foto2 & videonya. Lo berdua kaya bahagiaaaa banget. Wish the happiness will last forever!

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