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28 months ago, we had agreed to get to know each other better with commitment – in a relationship form.


2 months from now, we will officially say “i do”

Happy Monthversary, My Dear!


Dear God, i am still amazed and very grateful with what You have done in my life. Can’t thank You enough for giving me a chance to be in this relationship, to feel Your love and blessing through this relationship. And keep praying that You will always bless our relationship, because we know You are The One who made us together in the first place. Thank You.


Then, what am i doing right now, 2 months right before our big day?

Still busy looking for printing vendor for my invitation card while trying to minimize and cutting my guest list. Getting stressed out, because i havent find any good printing with reasonable (low) price.

Still waiting quotation from several contractors regarding our plan to renovate room. Already sent drawing to several contractors, but havent received any real positive feedback from them. From 4 contractors, 1 have rejected the request, 2 havent give any feedback, and only one who already contacted me back to check about the location. You know, i am starting to get desperate because the clock is ticking and the renovation even hasnt started yet. Well, i can only pray that everything will be done on time.

Currently listening and browsing for love songs, in order to make our wedding song lists. Well, im not complaining, because it’s fun and i love doing this 😀

What else? Oh, we’ll have a video shoot for our prewedding video this week. So excited, yet kinda nervous about the result. Because we are not actor and actress you know hahaha.

Well, one thing i realized about those wedding preparation, i am quite enjoying these. Love preparing these complicated things, because they have their own excitement. And i think, somehow, this wedding  preparation make us get to know each other better, because they teach us how to solve problems and discussed different wishes and dreams, and that’s a good thing 🙂

Hopefully i still can enjoy this preparation until the last drop, until the big day come, and still being grateful for these.

2 thoughts on “28th

  1. Aaahh… Saya juga!! Sangat enjoy wkt nyiapin wedding, hehehe^^ Skrg rasanya beneran pengen lagi loh *loh????*.
    Eh lo kalo nyari tmp print yg murah sih ke pasar jatinegara atau pancoran situ, De. Tapi kalo nyari vendor undangan yg murah, lo boleh coba yang gw pake wkt itu sih. Namanya Honey Cards. Gw bandingin bbrp, dia yang paling murah.

    1. gihhh.. bikin wedding party lg aja buat anniversary loo hhhihihi

      Gw nyarinya percetakan aja sih dian, soalnya desainnya udah ada, dibuatin sama si dina tuh hahaha *promosi.
      Jatinegara atau pancoran? jauh ya hiks *mau murah tapi ga mau usaha hahahaha. gw lg tanya bbrp percetakan kenalan temen gw sih, moga2 ada yg masuk budget n hasilnya ok *fingercrossed.
      but thanks anyway 😀

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