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Hello blog! – Another Update

Just some short updates :

Had another visit to Evlin Decoration

I was really happy. I have finished all the discussion about wedding decoration concept, and all small details (and what i mean by small details are, the type and model of credenza for photo, the concept of mini garden, wedding gate, usher area, vip gate, etc etc.) Just make sure that i knew about the design and the model, so i could at least make sure that all of those fit to my style. Also satisfied with the solution from ci Evlin about technical problem that i concerned before about the pelaminan thing, and she succeeded in convincing me that she will do her best to make it look great. So, just pray that everything will be okay on the big day.

Even better, i got more bonuses from ci Evlin, a hand bouquet for me and corsage for Utin, because i told her that i have another friend which use Evlin decor for her wedding day too (which is, Dina). Actually i told her just to make conversation, but suddenly she gave me another bonuses, because i have recommended Evlin decor to my friend, and which i gladly receive. Another plus point to Evlin decor! 😀

Had received my Donamici shoes.

Well, i cant say much, because i havent try it much. I still like the model and it suits well on me, but kinda worried about it’s comfort, because it’s strap kinda too tight for my feet. Worried that it will leave bruises on my feet. Well, i think i have to try it a couple of times before the big day, just to make sure that it will be ok to wear it all day. Or, i will go to Donamici to have them do something to my shoes, maybe they could give me solution for the too tight of the strap. Hopefully.

Had booked a villa for our honeymoon from Weddingku

Finally! After ‘contemplating’ for a long time, and did a lot of googling and survey, finally we decided to take a honeymoon package from Weddingku. Well, actually it wasnt our first option, but so far it’s the best offer with best design villa (for our likeness), and suit our budget. Maybe we already feel tired doing that survey , and personally i was eager to finish all things as much as i can, so finally we took one of the package and add another point to my (done) checklist. Hooray!

Well, that’s it for now. Hopefully there will be some more good news coming to us 😀

2 thoughts on “Hello blog! – Another Update

  1. Waaah kayaknya makin banyak listnya yang udah mulai kecontreng nih.. Buat hanimun akhirnya ambil paketan ya? emang udah enak kyk gt, terima beres aja, ga usah ribet2 lagi.. Semoga lancar terus sampe hari H.. ^_^

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