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Check list – Wedding Ring

Another thing done in my list : wedding ring – by Toko Mas Mahkota Tanah Abang.

Yeay! I got our wedding ring on me now, cant stop looking at it (and see how it looks on my hand of course) hahaha. Still kinda amazed that only in 4 months i will wear it daily. (I am not the type of person who wears jewelery often, so it will be a new thing for me).

I ordered those rings at Toko Mas Mahkota, Tanah Abang. It is owned by my boyfriend’s friend. A good friend of him i should say, because we could get a special price hihihi

Well here is the review : I must say that we didnt go for that expensive rings with extraordinary quality. We also didnt look for extraordinary and unique design. We prefer it to be simple, because we want to use it daily, so it shouldn’t be too catchy. (Well, you know, we live in Jakarta).

So, i took a design that i like from the web and brought it to the store. And they made the ring based on that picture. Then i must say, i got a really good price from them. It’s even below my minimum budget. That’s why i was a little bit worried about the quality. -Sorry, didnt mean to offense and underestimate that store, because you know, quality comes with a price.- So, to be honest i didnt expect much, at least i got what i want, rings with a good price (that’s mean low *grin), with the simplest design. Because, for us, the rings are just a symbol.

We actually ordered those rings about 2-3 months ago, but didnt have time to go back to the store and took it. And that’s really a good thing we ordered it before Ramadhan, because now the price has been multiplies almost 2 times. That’s really a relief.

Well, when i looked at the ring for the first time, i was impressed. Because it’s above my expectations. And they could accurately made the rings exactly like the picture i gave them. Well, though they werent the best quality, but i think it’s worth the price. And i am satisfied 😀

The twins – similar with ours


Ahh.. so glad that one more thing done on my list. Thank you, Lord!

Oh, and I also have the necklace for engagement ceremony
(That’s a hint! The engagement time will come soon :p *sok misterius)



7 thoughts on “Check list – Wedding Ring

      1. yup.. berhubung kata calon laki eike warna kuning kesannya lebih klasik gitu dan di adat kita berdua disarankan lebih baik menggunakan warna kuning jadi kita manut aja hehehe..

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