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Wedding Fair Jitters

I think i have a wedding fair jitters.

I always have that strange feeling whenever i am about to enter a wedding fair. On the first time going to wedding fair, it’s acceptable. But, even yesterday, when i didnt have much on my to do list, i still felt the same feeling. Weird haha. I dont know if it was just me. Anyone of you which happened to feel the same weird feeling? *cari temen

It’s the mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness, i guess. Excited with all the wedding stuffs, and nervous because we have to take care of something about our wedding plan on that place, and still had no idea how it would end. Wondering and hoping that everything would run out well as our plan (on that wedding fair), that we could get everything that we want. Complicated? Yes i am. Rempong.

Is this normal? *Please tell me it is :p

Anyway, going to a wedding fair is much more fun when you almost have all your vendors done. At least you dont have to be stressed about picking the vendor that you want and need, with reasonable price and in line with your and your future partner’s taste. For me, thanks God it has passed πŸ˜€

Actually i love wedding fairs, especially the big one. Why? I just love the atmosphere, feels like love is in the air *sungguh lebay. Well actually, it smells like commercialism, where everything is based on one statement “It’s only for once in a lifetime”. And i dont like that part, and hate it that i buy it sometimes too, and my partner also does too. What a pity haha.

But still, i do love the atmosphere. I like the booth decoration, the way they try to impress people and bring customers in, i just love this business. (I think wedding business has a very good prospect in the future). I just love the wedding stuffs, usually they got very cute stuffs, like for photos, souvenirs, card, etc. And also love the goodie bags haha. And always love it when i could eat for “free” at the catering booth : test food *grin.

One more thing i’d love to do on a wedding fair, free photobooth. Usually on every wedding fair and exhibition, there is a free photobooth, you can take the picture there and get the photo for free. As the person who love to have my picture taken, i always interested with it. Too bad my partner didnt like it, he thinks that it would be embarrassing. So i never had a chance to take a photo with him there. Not until yesterday πŸ˜€

Yesterday, i was kinda begged him to visit the free photobooth stand, and take the picture there. As usual, he wasnt happy with that idea. But he seemed in a good mood yesterday, and we didnt have to queue for the pic (usually that free photobooth stand is very crowded). So,Β  finally we had our picture taken. Yeay! And he said this to me, ” You know, i do this only for you.” haha happy *grinning ear to ear.Β  It was only make this photo even more precious, knowing that he only did that just to make me happy. Well, thank you so much dear! You’re my man πŸ˜€

And now, at least i got one ‘souvenir’ from a wedding fair. Well dear, like they always said, “It’s only for once in a lifetime” πŸ˜€


PS : I love the background soo much!




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