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The Second Anniversary Report

Sooooo… on last Thursday, July 14th, 2011, we celebrated our second anniversary (You can read the story before the day here)

Congratulations for us! *grin

source : here

For you who were curious about what happened on the big day, well, i must say.. nothing hahaha. Really, it was just like any other day, there wasnt any special things happened. We didnt even see each other on that day, so there was no surprise, no gift, not even a special talk, extraordinary words or something like that. We even didnt talk much on that day because of our activities and work. Of course we did greet each other, with a plenty of ‘happy anniversary dear’ greetings, and i guess it was the only thing that made that day felt little bit special. Nothing more.

Upset? Not really. I didnt expect anything on that day. I knew that it wasnt the right time to celebrate, because it would cost too much effort for us to meet up, thanks to the location of our home and office. Big effort with limited time. No thank you, it was not worth it, even for a second anniversary celebration.

I did expect something on Friday, the next day. Because he said he would book a place for us to get dinner together after office hour, and told me to bring a nicer clothes, in case we were going to dine in a nice place, so i would dress properly. The place had been a secret, because it was the surprise part. So, it was the initial plan.

But what happened next? He got sick on Friday. On the other hand, he told me it was actually a buffet restaurant (all you can eat menu), and asked me if i want to hold the celebration until the next day (Saturday), because it’s not preferable to eat buffet as dinner. And i agreed. Also drove in a crazy friday traffic, with that far distance, and with a not so good condition, was not a good option. I didnt have a heart letting him to do that. So, the friday night plan was ruined. I must admitted that i was a little bit upset. I knew i shouldnt be, and i was scolded myself for even thinking about that,Β  because afterall it was not his choice to get sick.

So i waited patiently for the next day to come. Anyway it was a good thing either, so i could dress up more properly from home :p

source : here

Annd on the next day, we had a jogging date first haha. Sometimes we do sports together, swim or jog, and this time we did jogging at Monas. If i said jogging, dont think that it was early in the morning. It was still morning, but it’s not early, because we just arrived there around 8.30AM hehe. Just did a little jog, massage our feet at the reflexy park, did a little bit strech up, and we were done hahhaa.

Then there came the highlight part, the “big” lunch, the celebration lunch. I still hadnt know the place on that time, (i asked him not to tell me though, because i wanted it to be surprise :p ), but i guessed it must be a quite fancy restaurant, since he told me he would wear suit. (though it supposed to be not too formal, since he wore t shirt on the inside.)

So i just wore a dress like i would wear on a wedding reception. It’s kinda weird to wear dress like that and with him wearing suit on our date, felt too formal haha. Well, i was still happy though, it was a new experience for me πŸ™‚

Finally i found out where he was taking me to lunch.. to Orient8 at Hotel Mulia. Wow, i was surprised, i was so touched with his effort. It was quite expensive for us, plus we supposedly had a tight budget thanks to our wedding preparation, but still he managed to take me there. Thank you, thank you,Β  thank you dear!

It was my first time having lunch on a fancy restaurant with a dresscode (yep, when he booked the place, they sent him email to inform the dresscode). Great place, great design, great food, and great partner, it was a really memorable celebration for me. Quite an experience πŸ˜€

And here are some of our pictures.

hate it that i forgot to bring camera, so we just use blackberry 😦

Oh, and he got me a parfum and shower gel from The Body Shop that i want so much! Another reasons to be happy and grateful πŸ˜€

source : here

And this is what i gave to him- thanks to this lady for the idea beside the Sonicgear earphone that he wanted before.

This certificate is a lip sealed ;p

Cute isnt it? Though the shape of the lips isnt exactly what i wanted it to be, but it’s okay though. LOL.

Happy second anniversary (again) dear. May God bless our relationship always.


14 thoughts on “The Second Anniversary Report

    1. Iya tempatnya baguss.. jatuh cinta sama tempatnya hehe. Btw soal dresscode, stelah sampe sana sih kenyataannya ya yg pake sendal juga ada aja, yg ga pake baju rapih2 juga banyak.. asal bayar mah dikasih masuk harusnya hahaha

  1. Before I got married, anniversary celebration was also postponed to the next available weekend. Don’t worry, it’ll get much much much better once you’re married πŸ™‚

    Anyway… Congratulations for your anniversary! The gift was cute!

  2. aaaah… so cute.. aku juga kepikiran untuk bikin “sertifikat” buat hubby pas 1st wed anniversary nanti.. grattis for the anniversary ^___^

      1. hahaha.. Grattis artinya congratulation dlm bahasa swedia. sementara gratis (1 t) artinya sama kyk gratis di indonesia. ^__^

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