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Your Most Unusually Romantic Place

It’s the people who make the place. It’s the story behind the place which make place meaningful and historical. Even the most uncommon place could be the most romantic place for someone, just because they had an unforgettable moments on that place. What about you?

Quoted from Arterie Blog

What about me? *thinking.

Ehmm.. *thinking again. Ehmmm. *thinking harder.

Well, i dont know about romantic, but i think every place I go with him is a meaningful place, because of the person, because of the moment we spent together, because of the memory we shared, simply because of his mere presence.

His home, my home, his car, my car, my office (ehm.. ex office), Emporium Mall (where we had our first date), Taman Safari (our first trip together), Ancol (just any other special date), restaurants (where we spent most of times talking and sharing), Starbucks (where we usually spend our time for preparing our wedding), some wedding expo, hospital room (where he was sick and i visited him), what else? At time like this, i wish i could do like Harry Potter or Albus Dumbledore do, put the memory into the bowl of thoughts then recall them anytime they want. They called it “The Pensieve” – You know now that I am a HP freak LOL

But if i do have to pick one place, i think i would choose Hanamasa Mal Artha Gading as my most unusually romantic place (well, i dont know if a restaurant could be described as unusual).

Why? Because it’s the place where we celebrated our first year anniversary, it’s the place where we reviewed our one year relationship, because it’s the place where we plan our future, because it’s the place where we decided to get married in 2-3 years ahead 🙂

As they said, it’s the people who make the place, and it’s indeed true 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Your Most Unusually Romantic Place

  1. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeett!!! *berusaha keras utk inget2 dimana dulu gw ngerayain 1st year anniversary*. Kenapa siiihh… lo berdua sweet banget??? (-.-“) >> Sirik, maklum lagi LDR.

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