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First time i knew this word was from my friend, she told me that Serendipity is one of her favorite movies. Actually i never watched this movie (pity me haha), but more or less i know about the story. I personally love the word, ‘serendipity’, i dunno, maybe because it’s somewhat sweet to hear haha. And do you know that ‘serendipity’ means ‘a fortune accident’ ? I just knew it from this blog.

Actually this is a online store that sells greeting cards. I think they have a great idea to make people go back to love letters, cards, and handwritten notes to express their feelings. Like they said,

“Email is great, but nothing can replace the warmth of your handwritten notes” – Arterie

Well, they got a point. I, personally, always love to receive a love letter, a handwritten ones. I always love to receive handwritten birthday cards, especially from my love ones. Because handwritten notes somehow gives personal touch to the notes, and i really appreciate the special effort to choose (or make) the card, and write the notes. That’s why i was so happy when my boyfriend gave me a cheer me up card (and gift) when i was down, and you know, somehow the card was the one that matter most to me. Because with the card i could see his love and effort, or maybe just because i love love letters hahaha.

borrowed the picture from Arterie

So, guys, (especially my boyfriend, hopefully he read this), dont forget to give a card for your girls on special occasion, because they love it (at least i do haha). And a love letter would be a nice thing you could give to her, but please keep it simple, not cheesy.

Back to serendipity, i just realized that my story with my boyfriend is also a serendipity. Our first meeting, when we stumbled into each other was a serendipity. Dont you think so? And realizing that somehow touched my heart hahaha.


12 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. Hmm.. dulu suami waktu masih pacaran LDR juga rajin tiap bulan ngirim postcard dengan surat singkat di belakangnya. Sayang bukan tulisan tangan karena dia pakai sistem online. but nevertheless it still sweet and nice. Emang bikin seneng ya nerima small stuff kayak gitu, biar keliatannya kayak lagi digombalin.. hahahaha..

      1. Hahaha ada sekitar 18 postcard, karena dia kirim tiap perayaan bulanan pacaran sampai akhirnya kita bisa ketemu lagi… ya pas 1 1/2 tahun berikutnya T__T

        Kadang kita penasaran yg dikantor pos bacain ga ya gombalannya.. Hehehe

  2. O ya… dan terus terang…gw bukan tipe kartu-kartuan…. Bingung kalo udah terima kartu mau diapain. Kecuali ada tulisan-tulisan personal di sana ya, pasti gw simpen. Tapi kalo jadinya cuma ‘nebeng’ copywriting di kartu, trus tinggal nambahin ‘to’ dan ‘from’ kayanya akan berakhir di tempat sampah dengan segera deh. (jahat ya gue?)

    KECUALI…. kalo design nya bagus!!! Pasti gw simpenin buat referensi. :p

  3. IF you think it’s a serendipity, then you should totally watch the movie. 🙂
    I used to believe in Serendipity until I have learned that everything happens for reason. It really does. 🙂
    Well, we will need to spend the whole week just to talk about those mysterious ways of how universe works. 😉
    Keep in touch!

    1. yeah, the more i talk about serendipity, the more i am curious about the movie hehe. I will watch it, one day ;p And yes, i do also belive that everything happen for reasons. And serendipity is just a part of it. 🙂

      Thank you for visiting.. sure, let’s keep in touch! 😀

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