We got the ticket!

…for our honeymoon 😀

At first i wasnt sure if it’s the right time to buy the ticket, considering we still got a lot of stuffs to prepare for our wedding. Just afraid that it might be too early to plan the honeymoon. But, after considering the limited promo price, and considering that we dont have any other destination beside Bali for honeymoon, we decided to buy the ticket. And i am happy because we still got the promo price and it’s still cheaper than the last time i went to Bali about last week.

So, it’s a good deal then. Yeay 😀


12 thoughts on “We got the ticket!

  1. Wooohooo… Yups gpp beli tiket jauh2 hari, biar bikin semangat & dapet harga lebih murah tentunya.. Dulu aku juga beli tiket hampir setahun sebelum berangkat 😛

    For me, planning a honeymoon is the most fun part of the whole wedding preperation… ヾ( ❛◡❛)ノ

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