Pictures, pictures, pictures!

I just realized that my blog is really lack of pictures, isnt it? And it must be kinda boring to read all the words without pictures, because i feel that way too when blogwalking haha. So, forgive me, readers, from now on i will try to upload some more pictures, so you wont get bored of reading my stuffs.

Also im planning to add some of others wedding blog, just for your reference, and mine too. So, for everyone who got a wedding blog too, and wanna share, please do! Let’s share our journey together.


Hello there! Happy Reading!

Image from getty images,

and in case if anyone asked, it’s not me :p


6 thoughts on “Pictures, pictures, pictures!

  1. I personally intend to take note of this blog, β€œPictures, pictures,
    pictures! | i do the journey” on my personal webpage.
    Do you care if I actuallydo it? Many thanks -Lyndon

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