Glimpse of him

thank you :)

Yesterday my partner told me that his friend asked him to go to a certain club/bar at Alex*s today to have a farewell with his colleagues. And he asked me if he could go with his friend. By the time i heard about the name, instantly i didnt want him to go. but i know i cant told him no if he just want to go. So, i just asked him about his opinion, did he want to go? and luckily, thanks God, he said no. He said that he actually didnt want to go to that kind of place anymore, he never like club before, he just want to respect his friends. But he was still wondering if he should go, anyway it’s his boss who asked him to. It’s kinda a hard decission. So, after knowing that he didnt want to go either, i eagerly agreed with him, and said to him that i didnt want him to go. Then it’s settled easily, he agreed with me and told me that he wont go. i feel really relieved.

today, i asked him about his day, and asked if his friends were still going to Alex*s, and what did he say to his friend. He said that his friends were still going, and they kinda urged him to come too. And you know what he said? He said that he was going to attend a wedding exhibition tomorrow and gonna have to deal with certain vendors, so he would need some rest, and also he told them that his girlfriend didnt want him to go, and he would choose her ( *ehm : me) over them, because she’s going to be his wife very soon and maybe his decission now (to go/not to go to that club) would decide his future with her (hahaha). Also he told them that she didnt say no straight to the point actually, she was silent and not talking straight to the point, which means that she didnt agree and it’s a MWM-message within message hahaha. Wow, im really honored. So proud of him!

Thank you dear for choosing not to go, for choosing me over them, and for defending me, so your friend wouldnt think of me as a obsessive girlfirend. You may not celebrate valentine’s day like common couples, you may not a romantic boyfriend as i expected, but you sure are a sweet partner in your way. thank you 🙂


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