Glimpse of me

Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is coming, and this year, this vals day is a hari kejepit day (it’s a day between two holidays, like it’s monday, the day before is sunday, and the next day is a public holiday, -get what i mean?). It migh be a very unproductive day (on that monday, feb 14th), because almost everyone’s mind is busy preparing and thinking about valentine’s day and the next day holiday haha.

And me, to be honest i am not too excited for valentine’s day since last year. Well, last year was the first valentine’s day together with my partner, and was the very first valentine when i have a boyfriend, and yes, i did expecting much last year but got upset because i didnt get what i had expected. Hahaha pity of me.

And since then, i learned that my partner is not the type who celebrate vals day. Correction, he does celebrate, but he doesnt really care to make or do something special on that occasion. He isnt the type who prepare much for valentine’s day. He doesnt think that it’s an important day.

Well, to be honest i dont really care much about valentine too, i do celebrate, but dont think it is important, just like him. But still, because last year was my very first valentine day with a boyfriend, with him especially, i was kinda expecting something (because he knew it was my first valentine), and because it didnt turned out well, i dont expect anything for this year. And continue with my old principle that valentine’s is just an usual day, celebrate it just to have fun, but dont expect more than that.

well, anyway, im glad that valentine’s day is coming. I like to be a part of something that everyone’s celebrating.  just like a real sanguine person hihihihi.

Happy (upcoming) vals day everyone! And to you who have something special to do, good luck, and have fun! 😀



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