venue and chemistry

Since the first time we started to plan our wedding day, me and my partner have agreed that we dont need a luxury wedding reception, we prefer a smaller one, with only close friends and relatives invited to our reception, the rest will only be invited at church. We agreed that we dont want to waste much money just only for one day, we just want a nice yet beautiful one. It’s different from luxury one, right?

But, after we surveyed at some venues, comparing prices and facilities, location, etc, i found out that we apparently couldnt accept a so-so venue and food, for the rest maybe we can tolerate, but for venue and food, we apparently are too picky.We want a nice wedding, so we cant tolerate an old building, with not so nice interior.

Here, let me tell you what are our criterias for our venues :

1. Location does matter. We dont want Kelapa Gading, we dont want Kota, we dont want any area that’s too famous for their traffic jam, we dont want a flood threatened area (another reason for not choosing kelapa gading or Mangga Dua) and of course we dont want suburban area. So, finally we choose only venues around Sudirman, Kuningan, Gatot Subroto, it’s the best location with prestige too (i think).

1. We do want an indoor parking. We dont want to take the risk and make our guests get wet if it’s raining and there’s only outdoor parking. So, balai samudera, dhanapala, kelapa gading klub are out of options

1. We want a plenty of parking space for our guests. Beside indoor, they have to have a bunch of parking lot. That’s why we have to reconsider a small medium hotel like Alila, Swisbell, etc.

1. We want a direct access to the reception room. It’s about prestige as hosts. We want our guests to have an easy access to the reception room. Indirect access is acceptable at some point, at least they have to have a clear direction and dont need a long route to get to the reception room

1. We cant really accept an old building, even with a newer interior reception room. You know, old building tends to look dark, even worse if they dont have a good maintanance for the building. It’ll look ugly. Old building tends to have a not so nice facilites too, like small and dirty lift, not so clean toilet, and we cant tolerate a bad shape facilites like that. Actually we are looking for a tolerable venue facilites, like lifts, lobby, toilets (how many toilets do they have), parking access, teapai room, vip room, air conditioner (is it cool enough?). We didnt need them to be very luxury and wow, at least those facilites are tolerable in quality and quantity, clean, and well functioning.

Additional personal objection, old building tends to have an oldfashioned style even classical style for its interior and architectural design, and we dont like classic and oldfashioned, we are modern people who loves modern design :p

1. We (I, especially) want a high ceiling for the reception room. High ceiling will make the room look bigger, and it can minimize the over crowded party.Ā  And high ceiling will make room look nicer and more comfortable. I dont need a luxury chandelier at my reception room, just a high ceiling with a nice and modern interior will make me happy.

1. We need a bigger venue for 600 persons, and we dont want to maximize the room capacity. So, we’re looking for the venue who has a 800 persons capacity at least. If we maximized the capacity, it’ll look too crowded, and we didnt want that to happen.

See, the list above is what we want for our wedding day. And you should notice that for all points i wrote as number 1, why, because all of those points are very important to us haha. Now maybe you can get why i think we cant have a so-so and cheap wedding; because we want much, and we cant really tolerate anything less than the list above. Well we can tolerate at some points, but it must be with a very very very good reason. My partner said that we have two choice, we want to save our money and lose our face, or we want to lose our money and save our face (also our parent’s face haha). And apparently, considering about our parents’ wish and pride, we have to choose the later. Though i am struggling to minimize the budget.

And about the chemistry, i believe we need chemistry for every vendor we are going to use. especially for venue and bridal. Why? Because from my experience, i got a different feeling for every first impression at every venue. There are venues where when i first came in, i just thought it didnt feel right, i didnt want to get married at this place. You can just get the feeling, of course after that you have to consider the budget too.

It’s not easy to pick a venue which you like and match with your budget. You can easily like some nice venue, like 4-5 stars hotels, but you know that you cant afford it. And then you looked for a lower class venue, and even it’s matched with your budget, it just didnt feel right, you just dont like the place. That’s why i said picking a venue need a chemistry. and it’s not easy. You may like it, but your partner or your parents’ may not. And after that you have to talk and negotiate with them to get a decission.

I took almost 2 months in total for really looking and surveying for our wedding venue. Now i still havent booked anything, but finally we have decided the venue. It’s a kinda long journey, but hopefully it will be a happy ending.

At first, because we thought we didnt want a luxury venue, we just looked for a “lower class” venue (not that i said that my current chosen venue is a high class. but it does a higher class than my venue options before), we also looked for medium class hotel, but apparently we cant find what we want.

Our first option is Alila Hotel. I really like the architecture of the hotel, and after looking at the price, seems like it still matched our budget. But after talking to my mom, she said that it doesnt have a plenty parking space. so guests will have to park their cars outside the hotel, just beside the crowded street. If you know what i mean, the hotel is located at a busy and crowded street. If they have an enough parking space inside the building, then it wont be much trouble, but since guests may have to park their cars outside, it’ll be a big trouble. So, goodbye Alila

Then we’re considering Bapindo Lt.8. I know, Bapindo lt.9 &10 have a nicer and bigger room, but we cant afford that ;( only Bapindo lt.8 that mached our budget. I pretty like the interior, and we dont have problems with parking space and facilities, they have plenty of parking space and a well maintained building facilities. But our concern was the room might too small for our 600 guests, and it doesnt have a high ceiling. Other bigger problem was, there are 2 halls on 8th floor, side by side, and it will be a disaster if there’s another wedding at the other hall, because there is only small space between the two hall, and the space is for receptionist area, so it’ll be too crowded for 2 weddings, and we cant do anything to prevent others to book the other hall, right. So we might take a risk if we still want to book that Bapindo 8th floor. I was sad, because i fell in love already with that place :p

Then, we have SMESCO UKM building as our next option. It is a new building, government building. And the plus point is, the management is a wedding organizer. So if we take the packet from them, we could get a free wedding organizer. It’s not much actually (WO fee is about 5,5 million rupiah), but since they are the management and the wedding organizer, they should understand and mastering everything about every vendor and technical stuffs. It’s the only plus point for me. For the price, their package is about 97 million rupiah for 2012, and it’s more expensive thatn Bapindo 8th floor (around 87.5 jt). Beside, i didnt really like the building and the room, i didnt feel the chemistry. For my personal style (oh i am an interior designer btw, so i have much comments about design and interior hehe), i dont like government style building, as an architecture, and especially as an interior. They usually use much traditional brown color, which i dont like. That color only make the room looks darker. Anyway, we have considered this building for a couple of times (while i was trying to convine my partner not to take this building haha), until my partner realized that i didnt like the building, then we should remove it from our lists. *happy sigh

Then we have another option, an old building with a brand new reception room (the reception room was just operated since november 2010), Palma One kuningan. i have talked with this marketing for couple of times, made several appointment though we only met once. The first time i entered the building, i dont really like it,because it is an old building. but i still hoping that the interior would be nice since it is new. then, well, it’s not bad,but it doesnt match my style, because it has a classic style, with ornament at the ceiling, and yellowish ambience. but beside that, they have a quite nice interior, esp for those who like the classical style. And apparently my parents didnt like it either, coz they have a pretty bad building facilites, and he doesnt like classical style. oh we also didnt like the teapai room. for me it was really ugly šŸ˜¦ but apparently our parents’ pretty like the venue, esp his parents, his dad even urged us to pay Down Payement at the very first time. Maybe because it’s their era’s style, so they like the design haha. neway, his dad also said that Palma one has a better access than Citywalk sudirman. And he like it because they seems have a bigger room. but anyway, me and my partner dont like it, so we try to convinve them not to take that place haha. and we did it.

Then, out of nowhere, his dad came up with an idea to use Gran Melia. Because he said he has some friends who held a wedding reception for their sons/daughters over there, so it should be ok to be considered. actually, me and my partner werent sure at all about his dad opinion, coz from what we knew, Gran Melia is as the same class as Mulia, Hyatt, Kempinski. And it’s must have a really high price. Eniwei, just for proofing to his dad, we went to Gran Melia and find out that price per pax is 288++, 388++ or 488++, with minimum omzet at 400 million rupiah. Crazy! it’s really out of budget haha.

Finally, we decided to choose citywalk sudirman. We have considered that venue at the same time we were considering palma one. Me and my partner like this building and the interior. The minus point are, this is located inside a mal, and the price is pretty high, though still reachable for us. But they have the same management as bapindo (so they have a good management), have a plenty of parking space, a nice facilites, and nice interior and architecture. So overall, this is still a best venue we found, and we like it. so we have decide to deal with this building very soon, hopefully this weekend, or next week. yeay. it’s kinda a dream venue for me, and im really excited to have a reception at this place.

well, please wish me luck, so i can get a best deal with this vendor. šŸ˜€


7 thoughts on “venue and chemistry

  1. hey,kittenholic..hehehehehe. I am really praying for ur whole marriage preparation,yah. I believe that you will get the best place, the best price, the best gown, the best of everything! Btw, dont worry, if it is God’s will, it’s Gods bill. God bless you and your partner. Hugssssss

  2. Dear Kittenholic,
    i’m very2 confused about this..
    sama seperti dirimu, skarang aku lg kebingungan nyari venur yg bagus n not over budget tentunya..
    tadinya mamku udah fix di wisma antara yg di deket monas..n cateringnya di sandjaja.
    cuma smalem ak k wedding expo, merreka over gedung palma one yg di kuningan.
    kalo mnurut camiku gedungnya jauh lbih bagus dibanding di antara krn lebih baru n abis direnov..
    tp aku n cami pun blum pnh liat aslinya tuh gedung..
    how bout your opinion ya??
    kira2 bagus ga?
    karena sandjaja catering udah overing bonus yang buanyaakkk banget..
    today i must make a decision for the venue, antara or palma one..
    karena aku sndiri udah DP ke sandjaja..

    1. Hai Nath, salam kenal..thank you yah udah mampir šŸ™‚
      Aku belum pernah liat yg wisma antara, jadinya ga bisa kasih comparison sama palma one. saran aku sih, tetep harus berkunjung ke palma one nya sih, soalnya kadang kan yg terlihat di foto bisa beda dengan aslinya, takutnya ga sesuai sama yg ada di bayangan kamu. tapi emang bener sih, yg palma one itu emang lebih baru, karena dia baru setahunan gitu renov kalo ga salah. Btw, si palma one itu juga sandjaya punya kan? mngkn kamu bisa nego ke sandjaya nya buat mundurin waktu untuk kasih final decissionnya. Undur sampe besok gitu, (minggu), kan pamerannya tutup minggu hehehe. Kalo pendapat personal aku ya, si palma one ruang resepsinya emang bagus dan baru, tapi gedungnya sendiri (gedung palma one nya) itu relatif tua. tapi kurang tau juga lebih tua mana sama wisma antara hehehe. good luck yah nath, smoga bisa dapet keputusan yg terbaik šŸ™‚

  3. Hai hai, salam kenal… btw aku tertarik untuk venue ini, tapi belum berhasil contact ke PIC nya, boleh disharekah kalau masih ada contact numbernya? thanks in advance ya

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