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I’m going to be the head of the family

My partner and me are building a habit to pray together every night before we go to sleep, we usually pray in turn each day. But sometimes we avoided our turn, didnt really want to lead the prayer. Which is after second thought is a silly thing, why should we pray together if we didnt want to pray, what’s the meaning then? *shame on me.

Last night, like usual we took time to pray together before we went to sleep. And i realized recently, he always take the initiative to pray, and yesterday was the third day. So after praying, i asked him, why he did that, and he said, “Because i’m going to be a head of the family, so i want to learn to lead my family in prayer. I feel ashamed if i said that i want to learn to be a good leader for my family, and asked Him to teach me, but i still avoided praying. So, from now on, i’ll take the part to lead the pray.

Wow, i am very happy. Happy that he understand his responsibility and has an initiative to take the lead. Very sweet of him. And what make me happy the most, just recently i read about the responsibility of a husband from the marriage book, which is to take responsibility and be the head of the family. 

Since i know that i am going to get married, i have started to read about marriage articles and books, one of them is a book titled “Garam dan Terang Bagi Keluarga”, a book published by my partner’s parents’ church. At first i didnt interested, hearing from the title. But because it was recommended by them, i bought it once there was a discount at the gramedia hehe. And i found that book quite good, i found myself quite enjoying reading it. 

This book tell us about what we need to know abour marriage life, and prepared us to face the new stage of life, included responsibilities as husband and wives. I realized that i have to learn a lot, so i try to learn from books and article. But while reading about the responsibilities as husband and wives, i was wondering if my partner was thinking the same, if he had the same realization to learn to be a good husband. And i was kinda sad if he didnt, i thought he didnt because he was too busy with work and thinking other things. 

That’s why when he said that he realized that he is going to be the head of the family so he is willing to take the lead to pray from now on, i am very happy. So happy knowing that he also has the same concern as me, how to be a good husband, and take his part well.

Love you even more, dear, and thank You for letting me know about this.

May God bless us and our relationship.


2 thoughts on “I’m going to be the head of the family

  1. Aaaaw… selalu ‘iri’ sama cowo-cowo kaya gini. Tapi belakangan, Be juga semakin luar biasa sebagai pemimpin in our relationship with God. *jadi senang*.

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