Wedding Plan

Where to start

I was starting my wedding from zero, at first i knew nothing about wedding preparation, i really had no idea what to do first, what else should i prepared, really clueless. Until now, i still am a newbie, still so much things that i didnt know. But i am helped a lot by Weddingku Forum. It’s Indonesian Wedding Forum where lots of brides and grooms to be can find much information, there are forums to share and to get recommendation, and there are lists of wedding vendors. You can find much information over there. So what i do almost everyday is browsing browsing and browsing, especially on It’s like a guide web for me. So, for you who are wondering where to start, and you live in Jakarta or other big cities in Indonesia, just browse, learn, and get recommendation from Weddingku.

Most of venues have their own vendor partners, like for catering, bridal, photos /video shoots, etc. you should choose and use their vendor partners as your wedding vendors, otherwise you’ll get extra charged. On one side, you should choose well and compare with all available vendors, and if they dont have much vendor partners, your options will be limited, you might not get all your dream vendors. but on the other side, you could just only compare with limited vendors, and it’ll help to save your time and consideration (if you were just like me, more options mean more headache haha). But just choose well and calculate your budget wisely, because with only little upgrade in every vendor can double your total expenses. (i’m still learning though, but me myself will keep that in mind, hopefully i can make it haha). Do a lot of surveys and browse a lot to get recommendation for their past users from every vendor, it may help you to choose and decide.

Well, good luck! (for you and for me too, i still need that haha). Just set your budget first (dont forget about the small additional stuffs), remember what your priority is, and what you want to achieve from your wedding day. For me, i might not want an extravagant or luxury wedding reception, i just want a little (well, little means about 500-600 pax) but a nice one. And for me, i have decided that i will choose between a nice building (interior) or a nice decoration, and i prefer the first. With a nice building and interior, you wont need much additional decoration to make your venue looks nicer, and maybe it’ll save your budget a lot, and beside, i’m an interior designer, i will definitely prefer a nice built in interior to a nice decoration, because a nice built in interior will look effortless beautiful with some little decoration and an extravagant decoration on an ugly room might just make the room looks falsely fake or worse. Dont get offended, it’s just my opinion :p

Hopefully it’ll help you to decide where to start your big day.


Personal additional notes :

Dont forget that your wedding day is only one day on your marriage life, it’s just a beginning, and what matter most is what happened after your wedding day (not honeymoon, but after honeymoon). Dont forget to plan your future first. Make sure you still have enough saving for your daily life after wedding day. But anyway, if you have decided to spend much on your wedding day and honeymoon only, well, it’s your money and it’s your choice :p



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