Glimpse of me

A short introduction

Hullo there! To you who accidentally ‘landed’ to my blog, welcome!

For me, planning a wedding is really a big thing, i was just started, but i already felt the excitement and frustaion at the same time. When i have to choose between my dreams and reality, when i have to be flexible and sometimes let go some of my wishes in order to fulfill others’ (my boyfriend’s, my parents’, or his parents’) wishes.

I am still a newbie, i am learning and i still have to learn a lot. I believe this not-that-easy time is a part of our (my) learning process to prepare myself to enter a new stage of life, marriage.

I believe, after i “graduated” from this process, i’ll be (much) stronger,wiser, and tougher. Though it’s not that easy for our relationship, i belive it’ll make our bond stronger. I just want to put faith in Him that He will provide and He’ll never be late. He is in control and everything will be just fine.

Actually, this blog is intended to keep my memory and feeling through these days. So, one day i can look back and be grateful even more for what He has done in my life, also be reminded that I am blessed and I am loved; i have been through so much and i am survived. But, though it’s only for my personal use, i can share with you, anonymously (for now).  If you too want to read my story and what i am going through, please be my guest. You can comment and give your opinion, i’ll be happy to recive some feedbacks. So please do leave your message here.

But for those who know me in person, please be kindly to keep my real identity hidden. I prefer to be anonymous in this blog, at least until i am ready to publish and introduce my real self 😀

Ok then. It’s supposed to be a short introduction, but apparently i’m not good at writing a short post, because i keep babbling and adding sentence to my post (like i do now haha). Sorry for that.

Well, once again, welcome and happy reading, my dear guests! 😀


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